Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Personal experience on BUX

I invested quite some amount of money in the BUX sites for testing.Few months have passed.Through my personal experience,more than 90% of the BUX sites are scam run by scammers.Some of them are from the middle east.In the beginning, they would still pay members.So that members believe in them and continue invest more money for purchase of membership,referrals or advertising packages.Later on most of them fooled the members that they couldnt sustain their sites,their sites are under attacked by DDOS attack, sites is under maintenance and so on so for.The truth is they are using a indirect way to lie.The even more terrible scammer would ask for donation to sustain a site.Imagine if you are an owner of a business,will you ask for donation?Its extremely ridiculous.Until today, the remaining BUX site which is still doing their job well professionally is NEOBUX.Other trusted sites are all aurora sites which are different from BUX.Their advertising fees are lower and cheaper too.

to read more bout Bux stories and news. You may visit ptctalk or talkptc.

Suggestion and recommendation

Never ever invest in HYIP or BUX sites as it is extremely high risk!You may get to earn some money before the sites closed.They are doing so called HAR/hit and run.Before they scam you,you might have the chance to get some money but its on your on risk.There are scam everywhere.If you are to gamble in casino or lottery, prepare for the risk and you cant blame for the lose of money.Doesnt it make sense?

Conclusion. I believe every organisation,industy or business there are some bad apples.Nevertheless,there are also the good ones.If you really want to involve in PTC/PPC business. stick with PTC program like google adsense which is realiable and trustable.


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