Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new scam list
stolen site , the real one is which hasn't launched yet. /
site is gone. the admin JYNCHOU is the biggest scammer.
site is gone
16 Dec. 2008
From now on all members who make claims or chargebacks with Alertpay or Paypal their account will be deleted.
All members accounts will be disabled if we see that e-check or other was not paid, the account will be enabled when the bill is paid.
Dear Thinkers ;)

I want to make it clear and explain you the payment requests in detail for the last time:
The old payment requests: The pending payment requests from 6th October 2008 till 10th December 2008. MEMBERS: We have 565.898 members and it raises everyday.
The old payment requests has to be CANCELLED because of HIGH PAYMENT REQUESTS such as more than $300, $500, $700, $900, $1000, $1500, $2000, $3000, $3500 etc. As you see, they are high amounts and if you look how many members have at the moment, It is a huge payment requests from all 565.898 MEMBERS.
So that reason i was busy with 2 months to pay old payment requests from 6th October 2008. All the time i was paying old payments and i couldnt pay INSTANTLY to our members.
I havent got any money from those old investments which you have done till 6th October. Nobody talks about those old investments if i received them or not. I tell you i havent received them.
I have given you your all pending ref, advertisement, upgrade purchases although you havent paid to me for those amounts.
I haven't taken over the THINKBUX PAYMENT ACCOUNT not as millions.
In order to pay you INSTANTLY within 5 seconds, i saved all payment requests till 10th DECEMBER 2008 to our DATABASE, my computer C: D: drives and USB stick. They wont be deleted or lost so easily.
Those old high payments will be paid MANUALLY back to you in the long term (within 1 months, 2 months, 3 months etc.) AS LONG AS has extra funds with new investments.
As you see, THINKBUX.COM has been RELOADED with only account balances have been ZERO thats all. Your DIRECT REFS and PURCHASED REFS havent been DELETED. pays you INSTANTLY so you dont have to wait me or any other admin in order to get your money.
From now on if BRILLIANT and PREMIUM MEMBERS makes a CASHOUT, they are paid INSTANTLY to their Alertpay address within 5 seconds.
Standart members will be paid within 7 business days and they dont have to post their payment requests in our forum.
So from now on we are waiting for your new INVESTMENTS. You will be paid INSTANTLY back when you make your investment.
If you dont want to invest and wait for your OLD PAYMENTS, then it is your choice. However you have to wait for it and you wont get them INSTANTLY. You will get them in the long term if THINKBUX.COM has extra funds.
From now on all OLD PAYMENT REQUESTS TOPICS will be REMOVED from our forum.
I do everything to rescue and let me work here and help you as much as i can. Otherwise if i leave, you wont be PAID at all. This is certain.
If you read till here, you MUST UNDERSTAND that we havent stolen money from anyone. They have been saved as OLD PAYMENT REQUESTS and they will be paid back to you AS SOON AS we have extra funds. From now on i m not gonna answer any question about this matter. It is clear enough to understand. I will direct members to RELATED TOPICS if they have same questions.
I M NOT A CHEATER, THIEF who COME here every night to give a statement. I have other things to do in order to change thinkbux with other NICE FUNCTIONS. Please stay tuned ;)
The members who trust me and invest on, they will earn more and they wont lose.

mellord admin

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